Bollywood Express
Journey into the heart of India to discover the greatest love story ever told.

The story - a trust with destiny

The story of Bollywood Express is a fairy tale journey of Varsha, a hard-working journalist, living in Europe, from an Indian family.
Varsha has never visited her homeland and is sent to Mumbai to write a story on Bollywood’s film industry, and discover “The greatest  Indian love story ever told”.

The experience of arriving in Mumbai is an explosion of the senses. The sights, the sounds, the contrasts,  contradictions and complications  are overwhelming.
After visiting the set of a Bollywood movie, and learning the formulas of the Film City Dream factory, Varsha walks the streets of Mumbai, and experiences the frenetic ritualistic of the Ganesha festival, where her cell-phone is robbed, by a thief from the slums.

To her rescue comes a handsome stranger, who promises to show her the real life of India. A journey begins on one of India’s romantic trains, across this exotic land, through festivals, temples, and palaces, to the majestic Taj Mahal, a monument to love. The handsome stranger turns out to be a Prince in disguise, and it turns out that in her search for the greatest love story ever told, the story turns out to be her own.

Duration : about 2 hours

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