About us

About us

Founded in September 1996, Indigo Productions initial activity was to manage various shows coming to the region for popular artists such as Renaud, Bruel, Deep Purple, Benabar, Gerra, Noah and Lavoine. 

Driven by a particular interest in themed events combined with a desire to create their own shows this young company soon started travelling around the world in search for new cultures to bring back to the French public. Their motto : to make great artistic projects travel.

It all started with a trip to Tahiti, which triggered a new start. Thrilled by “Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti”, Indigo Productions takes on the challenge to put them on stage in France, creating an adapted version of a purely traditional concept to suit an audience unfamiliar with Polynesian culture.

“Give the audience the opportunity to dream, take spectators on a journey with a show originating from an island on the other side of the world that very few people will ever have the opportunity to visit. That’s great. But a touch of modernity had to be added as well as other elements to better understand the history of this island. Because being exotic for the sake of it does not make any sense…” says Nicolas Ferru, director of Indigo Productions.

More successful shows followed such as “Trio Esperança” and “African Foot Print”. 
In 2011, a detour via Ireland led to the production of “Irish Celtic”. The festive and warm atmosphere of the show quickly won over the public : more than
100.000 viewers of all generations saw the show and marveled at the exhilarating dancing prowess.
In the same year “La fabuleuse histoire de Bollywood” and “Soy de Cuba” were also brought out with success. 

Indigo Productions Trademark : take the public on a journey, make them forget their daily routine, blow them away with glitz and glamour and romance them… without forgetting to cleverly slip-in here and there enriching information.
This subtle and original recipe seems to be successful as it fills most venues in France and elsewhere.

Reach our team by phone from Monday until Friday : +33 (0)5 49 73 66 16.

Team :

– Nicolas Ferru – Executive Director  : nferru@wanadoo.fr

– Frédérique Nourigeon – Administration/ Finances  : frednou@wanadoo.fr

– Antoinette Bectarte – Ticketing/ Press/ Communication : abectarte-indigo@orange.fr

– Stéphanie Breard – Marketing / Communication / Partnerships : sbreard-indigo@orange.fr

– Anne Stender – International Relations : communication-indigo@orange.fr